RO & Water Purifier

RO & Water Purifier


Get RO AMC with 100% transparency & consumable kit in advance – 1st time in Industry!.Health and safety are the primary considerations for water purification.


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Get RO AMC with 100% transparency & consumable kit in advance – 1st time in Industry!

Health and safety are the primary considerations for water purification.When choosing the right water purification system for your home, keep in mind that any water purifier is better than none at all. It’s just that some water purifiers are better than others. Price, in this case, is not always indicative of quality.

RO water purifier is one of the most advanced purifiers in the world that is used to filter out all the impurities from water and deliver clean and pure drinking water. To guarantee efficiency and effectiveness, it is very important that you properly maintain your RO water purifier. The membrane after removing all the physical impurities might become inefficient thus if you don’t maintain your RO system, you may encounter bad taste and the smell in the water.

  • Is your RO water is giving bad taste & smell?
  • Are you getting low water flow from RO system?
  • Is your RO system giving strange noise?
  • If you don’t maintain your water purifier regularly, not only the water purifier will work improperly but the well being of your loved ones will also be at risk. Therefore, it is very important that you service and maintain your RO water purifier regularly. This will ensure an increase in service life of the purifier. A high-quality RO water purifier can work up to many years only if it is properly maintained.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a platform to get in touch right service provider to take care of your RO system? RepairAdda provides most transparent and comprehensive RO maintenance in the Industry. We have launched unique AMC services for our customers – Consumable kit for entire year is handed over to customer at start of AMC period. We always deliver genuine and new consumables & parts to our customers. You can even make a call to beckon service providers at your doorstep for a reliable repair service!


    Why should I Choose RepairAdda over local vendor?

    RepairAdda platform envision providing seamless solution for all types of repair and handyman services. We work as an Aggregator of service providers. We take responsibility to provide you best of class services from right technician at right cost and as per your schedule. We have standardized rates, Scope of Work & TAT for your convenience and transparency. You will never get the same standardization from local vendors.

    Do you provide RO System AMC?

    Yes, we provide RO AMC to our customers. RepairAdda has introduced a very unique & 1st in Industry offering along with our RO AMC package. We provide all consumables required in the year in advance along with commencement of AMC. We ensure you get all genuine & new consumables along with your AMC and don’t get cheated by local vendors, which provide duplicate and reused consumables. We want to ensure you get services & parts for worth you paid and drink clean & healthy water.

    How do I purchase an AMC?

    To find information on AMC packages, visit our AMC packages link on The page includes all the options we offer to protect your home appliance, home electronics or exercise equipment. To purchase any of the AMC package we offer, call us at 92102 23456.

    How do I schedule an Annual Preventive Maintenance checkup?

    To schedule an annual Preventative Maintenance checkup on your appliance, call RepairAdda at 92102 23456 and our customer care associates can set it up for you.

    What is the grievance mechanism?

    We follow our grievance process seriously and professionally. In case of any grievance, you can reach out to our customer care center @ 92102 23456 or write back to us