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IT Products


A snag in your laptop or desktop can easily spoil your workday. From hardware issues to virus threats- there are a slew of issues that can give you trouble while working on your PC.


Visiting Charges Starting from INR. 150
Laptop formatting Charges Starting from INR. 500
Printer Repair Charges On estimation
#1* in Information Technology Equipment Repair at your doorstep!

A snag in your laptop or desktop can easily spoil your workday. From hardware issues to virus threats- there are a slew of issues that can give you trouble while working on your PC. Further, a breakdown in PC accessories like printers, gaming controllers, modems, projectors etc., can bring both work and play to a standstill. How about an on-call computer and other accessories repair service, that comes in right at your doorstep to save your day?

Here are some of the most common issues that you might or already face with your computers and other related wares.

  • Desktop or laptop is not turning on.
  • The router is not installed properly.
  • You’ve plugged in the mouse but it isn’t working or the keyboard keys are not responding.
  • Paper is clogged in the printer.
  • You tried a quick reboot but it failed.
  • The programs are not updating.
  • The antivirus software is not running properly.
  • Your laptop fell down and is not working now.
  • When you book a professional service through our online or mobile platform, you can be assured of a reliable associate visiting you to provide the best solution for your issues related to your PC and related accessories. You can even schedule an appointment with a mobile app, make a call, or go online to order quality laptop repair services.


    Why should I Choose RepairAdda over local vendor?

    RepairAdda platform envision providing seamless solution for all types of repair and handyman services. We work as an Aggregator of service providers. We take responsibility to provide you best of class services from right technician at right cost and as per your schedule. We have standardized rates, Scope of Work & TAT for your convenience and transparency. You will never get the same standardization from local vendors.

    What scope does technician aligned by RepairAdda covers?

    Technician will visit your doorstep and examine the problem you are facing with your appliance or general repair. He will provide the estimation to resolve the issue. On your confirmation, technician will undertake the work and finish it to your satisfaction. For few services, there is fixed scope of work and technicians deliver the services accordingly.

    Where the service will be delivered?

    Most of our services are delivered at your doorstep. Currently, we have our presence in Delhi NCR through online portal, mobile application, customer care center and physical Homer Services Depots. With few exceptions, our technician may take your appliance for repair to their workshop if it can’t be repaired in your home.

    Where the service will be delivered?

    Services will be delivered to you as per your schedule or as per mutually agreed between you and service provider. Generally, services are delivered during normal working hours 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM depending upon the bylaws of your RWA/FMS providers. In case of emergency, we would be delighted to help you.

    What are the charges for Product Repair?

    Charges vary depending upon the break fix problem you are facing with your appliance. Service provider will visit and provide you estimation for the work. On your confirmation, he will complete the work as per the scope of work agreed. If you don’t avail the service post estimation, you may have to pay visiting charges to service provider. In case, service is availed post estimation, visiting charges will be adjusted against the bill amount.