Why Nitrogen Testing is Important in Air Conditioner?

Nitrogen Testing

Nitrogen Testing, You have heard this term so many times at the time of AC Gas Refilling. In this article, we will help you to understand that why it is important. Why Nitrogen testing is important in Air Conditioner.

But before that, we will take you through with some aspects, where you will know about the Nitrogen gas and its test.

Why Nitrogen and not any other gas for leakage test?

Generally, Nitrogen is non-flammable gas and it is more secure than the other gases which are used for testing leakages. Customers can go for helium, which is a more appropriate gas for checking minor leakages because it’s lighter than nitrogen. But at the same time, it is very expensive and not available to most of the technicians.

How Nitrogen Testing works?

Pressurized Nitrogen push through the AC refrigerant circuit with the soap solution applied to the whole coil. If there is any leakage that persists in the coil, then due to reaction with soap, the bubble starts forming and the technician finds the leakage. Additionally Nitrogen is an inert gas which basically means that it won’t get react with other chemicals. It will also help to remove moisture, which eventually helps to stop rusting within the coil.

If we can summarize this in point then you will find.

  • Nitrogen Gas Testing is Inexpensive
  • It will help to clean the complete AC Coil circuitry
  • It will also help to remove moisture within the AC Coil circuitry

Why do customers ask for Nitrogen testing and not the normal gas testing?

Normally, pressurized air does not detect minor leakages, which mean if you had a gas refilling previously then it is possible that it would get leak in a week time and again you need to speak with your technician.

It is recommended to have nitrogen testing in case your AC is not working for a long time. Or it was installed outside, because of air quality in Delhi NCR, it creates minor leakages in copper pipe and coil circuitry. Nitrogen testing helps you to found minor leakages and gives you peace of mind in the hot summer season.

Here, RepairAdda is your one-stop shop for all AC Repair & Maintenance related solution. You can get your Nitrogen Testing done at just Rs.750.

You can get your AC Gas Refill and you will have a 1-month warranty on it. With Nitrogen testing, RepairAdda will provide an additional 3 months warranty on the same which means you will have a 4 months warranty on AC Gas Refilling.

RepairAdda AC Gas Refill Charges. AC gases include R-22, R-32, and R410A:-

  • Split or Window AC 1.0 Ton Gas Charging: Rs.2000 with a 1-month warranty
  • Split or Window AC 1.5 Ton Gas Charging: Rs.2200 with a 1-month warranty
  • Split or Window AC 2.0 Ton Gas Charging: Rs.2400 with a 1-month warranty

You can book your service on call at 92102-23456 or you can also visit our website at RepairAdda.com. You can also download our app also from the play store.

If you need any further assistance please contact us here. Hope this article will help you to choose the right service partner and you will be having a pleasant summer. Now you also know that why nitrogen testing is important in Air Conditioner.

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