This New Year, Get Geyser Repair Service in Noida

This New Year Get Geyser Repair Service In Noida

Are you also cursing the harsh winters? Undoubtedly, northern India is facing severe cold waves as the year is coming to an end. During this time, everyone ensures to back themselves with good quality winter home essentials. This not only lets us survive the chilly, cold winters but gives us the comfort to enjoy the weather. Every winter appliance has its own significance in our daily lifestyle during the season. Whether it is a room heater or water heater, each appliance holds its own respective importance. But here, you are the one, who is, unfortunately, dealing with a damaged geyser at your home. And this is making your winters unpleasant and brutal. No need to blame your fortune. After a few months or years, electrical appliances tend to show issues. Similarly, the water heater or geysers in our bathroom are not exceptional.

Leaking Issue in Geyser

If not every, most of the water heater users at some point in their lives have faced water leaking issues in their unit. It is one of the most common issues that a water heater tank starts leaking from the bottom. A persistent leaking issue creates a fear of something unfortunate, like an electric shock or explosion. Although it doesn’t always lead to such extreme conditions. But one needs to get alert the very first time they experience such an issue and get it repaired by RepairAdda.

Reasons for water leaking issue in geyser:

There can be various reasons why a water heater starts leaking. Here are some of the points to learn the causes that lead to such issues.

Sediments Accumulation inside the water heater:

Mainly this happens because of hard water, which contains salt and minerals. Its residue often lines up and accumulates at the bottom and the sides of the water heater tank. This sometimes leads to corrosion at the bottom that damages the geyser which results in a leaking issue.  


First, try to avoid hard water usage. Replace it with soft water. You can also place a water softener to remove minerals and salts.Second, flush the drain valve. Locate the tank drain valve and attach the hose to it. Open the nearest tap water supply and open the drain valve and let the water drain. Later, close the valve and refill the tank. This flushes out all the residue collected inside the tank.

 Damaged  Anode Rod:

Anode Rod is fixed inside the water heater. Mainly it is made up of magnesium which sacrifices itself to protect the interior of the tank from rust and corrosion. It attracts elements present in water that has the potential to corrode and destroy metal parts of the tank. In the process, the anode rod gets rusted and stops working. Therefore, this leads to corrosion in the water that ultimately damages the tanks and it starts leaking


Anode rod life span doesn’t sustain more than 2-3 years. It has a shorter life than the entire tank. To save the water heater from getting damaged, it is always advisable to replace the anode rod regularly before it gets completely eroded.

 Fault in Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve:  

The temperature and pressure (T&P) Valve is a part attached to Geyer for controlling the water pressure of the valve. It lets the steam or water exit the tank to avoid a buildup of excessive temperature and pressure. Too much water pressure due to a faulty T&P valve may lead to overflowing of the tank.


To resolve such an issue, it is advisable to call an electrician or plumber who can adjust the recommended water pressure and fix the damage in the T&P valve. It is better not to take this matter into your hand, as this might be risky and can lead to a bigger issue.

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