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In the 21st century, technology and appliances have become part of our life in a way that their existence is effortlessly submerged into our daily chores. Basically, they play such a significant role in our daily life process that we now can’t regulate our routine without them. If we particularly mention the home appliances, whether it is a fridge, washing machine, geyser, microwave or inverter, each has its own contribution in making our life comfortable and convenient. But what if any of them stop functioning? It will be close to a daunting situation to experience. But unfortunately, if you find fault in any of your home electrical appliances, you can contact RepairAdda home appliance repair service. 

Here is some quick knowledge about a few electrical appliances that are vital to your home, like how they function and what are their uses and benefits in your daily household work. 


People don’t think about it much, but the water heater is one significant product that is important in our home. It keeps our home supplied with plenty of hot water whenever there is a need. It turns out to be a stressful deal if a geyser breaks down. So, it is important to have a basic idea of how water heaters work. 

Functioning of a geyser:

  • Coldwater enters the electric geyser through a dip tube. And the water gets heated with the help of heat elements present at the bottom.
  • The thermostat shuts off after it senses the correct temperature of warm water. 
  • The warm water rises up and gets out of the geyser through the heat out pipe to reach the water tap. 
  • Gas geysers work on the same principle, just the process of heating is different- instead of heat elements, gas burners located below the tank heats the water. 

Benefits and Uses:

  • Majorly used in activities such as bathing, washing dishes or clothes, etc. 
  • Geysers save more time than normal water heating through conventional ovens. You don’t have to rush to the kitchen every time to heat the water on the gas stove. 
  • Electric geysers are safe to operate but high on the cost price. On the other hand, gas geysers have a low operating cost but are risky in comparison to electric ones. 

Therefore, it is understandable if you come in a stressful situation when your geyser gets damaged or stops working. But it doesn’t mean that the issue is not curable. You can contact RepairAdda to get your geyser repaired at your doorstep at the most affordable price. 


Being an Indian, power cuts have been a part of a regular lifestyle. Therefore, power backups are life-saving devices for Indian households. Any issue in the inverter can easily halt the functioning of the entire day. So, it is important to first have a basic idea of how inverters work. 

Functioning of inverter:

  • The basic task of an inverter is to convert the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) through an electrical circuit. This is called rectification. 
  • Batteries or solar panels create direct current sources. In power cuts, UPS uses batteries and an inverter to supply AC power to produce electricity for the house. 
  • As the power restores, a rectifier supplies DC power to recharge the battery. 
  • Sine wave inverters are expensive and produce good quality AC powers. Whereas, Modified Sine wave inverters are inexpensive but produce low-quality AC power. 

Benefits and Uses:

  • An inverter is used to operate all devices, like electric lights, TVs, microwaves, computers etc. 
  • Inverters are noiseless and smooth power flow devices. A better option than a generator which produces quite a loud noise. 
  • Inverters are compact and easy to maintain. Just have to be careful about water consistency.  Rest it is an efficient device for people living in small flats or houses. 

Anyone can get a headache if they find out that suddenly their inverter is not starting or showing any concerning sign. Panicking will not make any difference. Get your inverter repaired by RepairAdda at the most budget-friendly cost.  

Washing Machine:

This invention has made household chores less toiling. The task of hand washing your clothes amid the hectic lifestyle is quite an impossible deal. It can be a headache if the washing machine gets damaged. So let’s get a little knowledge about washing machines. 

Functioning of a washing machine:

  • There are two drums – inner and outer. Inner one rotates while washing clothes. The outer one holds water while the washer rotates. 
  • The thermostat measures the temperature of the water coming inside the drum and works accordingly. 
  • The programmer controls and runs all activities from washing, rinsing and spinning. It opens and closes water valves according to water filling and draining needs. And the pump removes all the remaining water. 
  • Semi-automatic work in a similar way without a programmer. It requires you to connect the hoses and spin tub and also to drain each time you use it. 

Benefits and Uses:

  • First, of course, the time washing machine saves us from wasting it by hand washing our clothes. Simply start your machine and walk away to continue other work, while your laundry is getting washed. 
  • With the washing machine, the effort in the physical task to wash the clothes manually gets eliminated. The extra effort to remove a stain and wash is less stressful and effortless in washing machines. 
  • The option to dry your clothes works like magic, as it’s humanly quite impossible to do so. This saves time even in drying your clothes. No one has to wait hours to get the clothes dried. 

Knowing the importance of a washing machine in a household, it is difficult to regulate a life without it in today’s hectic lifestyle. If you are dealing with an unrepaired washing machine, don’t let yourself suffer. Contact RepairAdda washing machine repair service. A most trusted and affordable home electrical appliances repairing company. 

Home electrical appliances are now essentials for any household. The above points clearly show how difficult it is to lead a life without these appliances in modern life. No one can afford a life without basic electrical home appliances. So to avoid any inconvenience due to damaged electrical appliances, get in contact with RepairAdda. A most affordable and trusted home appliance repair service company. 

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