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Water is one of the most essential elements for human existence. However, the increasing misuse of water bodies, growing population, industrial development and environmental degradation has immensely polluted the water. Therefore, it is important to use a well-functioned water purifier. It is no more a luxury but a necessity. It is strenuous to imagine a single day without a water purifier. What if one fine day your RO water purifier suddenly stops working? Not a good situation to be in, right? But such situations come without knocking on your door. 

To deal with this, you should know how water purifiers work and what can be their common problems and solutions. One can trust RepairAdda to solve all water purifier repair issues. 

Functioning of water purifier:

There are various kinds of water purification like carbon activation, Reverse Osmosis (RO) ultraviolet system, distillation or simply sedimentation. The most commonly used method is RO purifiers and UV and UF purifiers are the following. 

  • Majorly, the task of a water purifier is to filter out the impurities like microorganisms and diluted solid particles from the contaminated water and release the clear water.
  • RO is the most powerful technology which can purify the most contaminated water or even salty water in one round. It holds a semi-permeable membrane through which water passes in high pressure to filter impurities, heavy metals, minerals and microorganisms. 
  • The membrane contains pores with a 0.0001-micron diameter that only allows water molecules to pass through it. As a result, it successfully turns hard water into soft water.
  • Nanofiltration is just like RO filtration. The only difference is its micron diameter is only 0.001 which filters out fewer impurities like heavy metals, chemicals but doesn’t change taste or mineral content. 
  • Then there is Ultrafiltration (UF), which purifies water without electricity. Water passes through a hollow fibre membrane. It suspends large particles and molecules with the help of gravitational force. 
  • But to kill microorganisms, Ultraviolet purifiers are best.  Here, the water is forced into the tube, where water is exposed to radiation to remove the pesticides. Therefore, UV chambers are recommended for all water purifiers. 

Common problems:

Water purifiers work as a lifesaver in every household. It protects us and our families from waterborne diseases. It is making our life convenient and easier but, it becomes a struggle if it gets damaged. Here are some of the issues that people commonly face and how RepairAdda can fix them.

Weird taste and smell

This is one common issue people face in their water purifiers. There can be various kinds of unusual bad tastes of RO water. 

In many cases, pipelines develop cracks after a time which becomes a passage for microbes and impurities to dissolve. This creates a foul smell and pungent taste of the water. 

Solution: Check all the pipe fittings if there is a need to get the pipe repaired or not. 

It also happens due to the accumulation of biofilm in different parts of the water purifier. This raises the level of contamination in the water because it is a layer of organic and inorganic material that gets collected. 

Solution: Simply change the clogged membrane or filters. And check if there is any improvement. It is advised to get the filters changed every 12 months. 

Sometimes people get a metallic taste from Ro water. This happens due to copper tubing present inside the mechanism. A high amount of bicarbonates, sulphate and chloride gets dissolved in the water. 

Sometimes Ro water tastes like tap water which shows the issue in the membrane.

Solution: Make sure to not use the water without draining out the complete tank once. Sometimes choked membranes fail to work. But if nothing changes then it is clear the membrane is damaged or ruptured which can only be replaced. 

It is recommended to take assistance from a technician. RepairAdda deals with such problems after diagnosing the respective issue.


This one is also a common issue users face regularly. Constant water leakage from water purifiers happens when one of the parts is ill-fitted or has got broken. 

Solution: Identify the affected part, get it replaced or get it fit tightly. 

Another reason can be damaged O-ring. It is a soft rubber-like element that stops water from getting leaked out from various parts of the water purifier. 

Solution: Get the O-ring checked if it is in a good condition or not. If not it needs to be fitted tightly or get replaced if damaged. 

Slow water flow or RO water tank not filling up:

Many times RO releases water slowly and does not fill the container on time. This mainly happens due to low water pressure, which is supposed to be 40 to 60 PSI. 

Solution: With the help of a technician check if it is operating at the low water pressure. Increase the pressure with the help of a water pump. 

There can also be an issue in the water storage tank. It contains an air bladder which takes care of the pressure of water. 

Solution: There can be a leakage in the bladder. A damaged bladder will fail to release the required pressure that leads to slow water flow. So, there is a need to get it repaired or replaced. 

Another reason can be the blocked filter’s cartridges due to accumulated sediments. 

Solution: Get your purifier cleaned every 6 months and get your filter changed every 12 months. 

Low water pressure sometimes also fails the water tank to get filled by water. 

Solution: Similarly, increase the water pressure above 40PSI. Or the clogged RO membrane can also be an issue that can only be dealt with by getting it replaced. 

Get it checked by an expert from RepairAdda to get the exact solution for your RO water purifier issue. 

Why RepairAdda?

In general, we prefer home appliances to make our life more convenient and comfortable. But if any of our home appliances fails to perform then what is the point of owning that appliance. It is always recommended to maintain your appliance or get it repaired even if a minute issue gets to your notice. 

Here, in RepairAdda our experts are always ready to help you get your home appliances repaired at your doorstep. From RO, geyser, washing machine, chimney, fridge to the inverter, we cover all home appliances. Our services are the most affordable and trusted in the city.  We provide a 7-day warranty assurance. If you again find any issue within the 7 days after receiving our service, we are responsible to get it fixed again. 

You can book our service through a call on 9210223456 Or book our service online by visiting our website Particularly for RO repair service, you can go to You can also download our RepairAdda App to make instant bookings. 

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