RepairAdda: Valuable Customer testimonial:

From the next time, I don’t have to keep looking for the best repairing service provider in Delhi/NCR, I will only get in touch with Repair Adda for all my repairing needs.”- Ritwik Gupta from Delhi. He is a software engineer by profession and a part-time story writer. Hence, he portrayed his storytelling skills by sharing the experience he had with RepairAdda service during an interview.

Last year, at the onset of winter, Ritiwik’s geyser suddenly broke down one fine morning. Like any other morning, he was in the hurry to reach his office on time. But the fortune had some other plans. In the haste, he took a cold water bath and went to his office while calling various technicians on his way, who can repair his geyser by the evening. But all his efforts went in vain. 

He failed to book even a single appointment. Few service companies refused to provide the service on the same day, others confirmed the unavailability of technicians due to the excessive booking during the season, and one cancelled the booking after confirming it earlier. Amidst all of this, he reached late to his office. And even got sick due to the cold water bath he took in the morning, which is the last thing anyone wants to happen in the middle of a pandemic. 

Later, he thought of trying a new way of getting the service through a website called RepairAdda. As he said, “I submitted my request on the RepairAdda website, after getting frustrated by the local technicians for a couple of days. And within an hour or so, I received a phone call from a service provider who would visit my house to get my geyser done. To my surprise, their two servicemen visited my home within 3-4 hours of my complaint request.  They were well equipped with all the brand new parts needed in repairing the geyser and took all covid19 precautions while performing their service. The way they were doing their work, with utmost perfection, got me worried about the money they might charge. But I got amazed by the charges they demanded. My geyser got repaired in just 249/- rupees. I am impressed and touched by the RepairAdda service. Because according to me they are not in a business just to make money. They go out of their way to satisfy all their customer needs at the most affordable price in the market. Therefore, from now, RepairAdda tops my priority list in any repairing services. I will even suggest my neighbours, to once try their services, because I know they will not regret it.” 

Ritwik expressed his satisfaction through a video when our team contacted him to give feedback on his last customer service experience. Where, in the end, he closed his message by saying that he “highly recommend” our company. He suggests other people to try RepairAdda services for once to get the most affordable repairing service that makes sure to give excellence without any compromise. 

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