Most Common Problems In RO System & Easy Solution.

Most Common Problem in RO System

RO is the most important home appliance in today’s society and it became a part of our daily living. As we can’t live without water. RO systems are the must-have appliance in each and every home.

Before we start and discuss the most common problems in RO System and easy solutions. We must have known, that how it works. In the next part, we will discuss how RO works and what components it has. Then it will be easy to understand the most common problems in RO System.

Let’s Check, How RO system works?

RO stand for Reverse osmosis, and its a process of water purification. In this method, water push through the permeable membrane to separate ions, molecules and impurities in water. With this process, many of the dissolve and biological ones (Bacteria) from Water. But due to whole process the water become acidic as the alkaline minerals are also removed from the water.

Now we know how RO system works, second part is the component it has.

  • Pre Filter: Provide sediment filtration.
  • Membrane: The whole process of RO happens here.
  • TDS Adjuster: Help to adjust TDS, which become very low due to the process.
  • Flow Restrictor: As the name tells, it helps to restrict the flow
  • Pumps: Help to push water through the different filters to the membrane.
  • Carbon Filter: Removes chlorine, odor, and clean water.
  • UV Lamp: Kills bacteria and viruses through ultraviolet rays.
  • Alkaline Filter: Maintain PH Balance of water

Now Common Problems:

Water Flow is Slow: This could have happened with some of the reasons like the Pressure issue. Due to faulty membranes, but most of the cases happen due to faulty Pump motor. Which means either you need to change the membrane or the pump.

Draining is higher than usual: This issue is related to your membrane. Due to dirt, sometimes the membrane got choked, which blocks the pores of the membrane. Resulting in more water rejection than usual.

Bad Taste: This is the most common problem and this happens because of faulty and torn filters and membrane. You need to simply get it changed from the technician.

Water leakage from the filter: It can only happen if the fitting of the system is not proper. But in spite of that, this is the most common problem in High-Rise societies due to pressure comes from the tap. So make sure to lower the pressure of the tap. It will work smoothly without leakage.

Noise and vibrations: This happens due to a change of membrane or filters. As the pump try to push water through the membrane but they carry air, which creates noise and vibrations too. It will remove later on. But if you find the issue for a longer time than you can call a technician.

Now you have a basic knowledge of how RO works and their most common problems. But still, Fixing a RO is a tedious task.

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Hope this article will help you to overcome your day-to-day RO problems. If you want to know more than you can contact us here or put a comment below.

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