Kitchen Appliances and their uses

In today’s time, the modern kitchen is incomplete without well efficient kitchen appliances. We humans have a great history of having kitchen tools for our basic chores, which with time has advanced with better technologies. The commonly used appliances are chimney, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and RO purifier. And each unit has its own significance and benefits which makes our household chores comfortable and convenient. Therefore, it becomes hard to lead even a single day without any of these appliances. For example, if any of the given appliances stops for a day or two, it easily can create a standstill situation in our daily routine. So it’s interesting to know more about some of the kitchen appliances, to understand their functioning and their uses or benefits. 


In Indian families, the chimney should be an important component due to the cuisine they prefer. Recipes with ‘tadka’ which produces fumes filled with oil and spice. 

Functioning of Chimney:

  • Overall, the chimney takes in all the oil droplets and spicy fumes emitted while cooking. 
  • The grease emitted from food gets trapped by filters. Whereas, the smoke and hot air are pushed out through the duct into the environment. 
  • But there are chimneys that are ductless. The only difference is a chimney with a duct consisting hood, filter, a motor, PVC pipe. A ductless chimney is similar but it has an additional carbon filter and lacks the duct. 
  • The chimney vent out impure indoor air outside in the environment. Whereas, ductless purifies that air and throws it back into the kitchen. 

Uses and benefits of Chimney:

  • Keeps the kitchen air clean: Chimney removes the toxic pollutants, hot gases or any pungent smell present in the kitchen. Indirectly, it prevents any bacteria or other germs from persisting and grow.
  • Makes cooking comfortable: Sometimes the heat and steam make people uncomfortable, as they sneeze and cough while cooking. So, the chimney consumes all steam and smoke and keeps the house odour free. 
  • Protects ceiling, walls and tiles: Whether it is ceiling, wall, tiles or even furniture near the stove, it gets deteriorated over time due to grease particles and smoke. So, with the help of chimneys people can prevent such issues and let the kitchen stay cleaner for a longer period.  

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Water Purifier:

Looking at the adverse condition of the environment and increasing pollution and waterborne diseases in cities, the water purifier is now a basic necessity in every household.

Functioning of water purifier:

  • It first takes in the contaminated water inside, filters out the impurities from diluted solid particles to micro-organisms and sends out the clear water. 
  • RO water purifiers combine multi-stage filtration. Through a special fine membrane, impurities like TDS, Viruses, bacteria or suspended solids all are removed. And as a result, RO purifiers turn the hard water into soft water.
  • UV purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and other microbes. Here, the water is forced into the tube, where water is exposed to radiation to remove the pesticides. 
  • UF purification functions without electricity. Through a hollow membrane, it suspends the solid, large particles and molecules with the help of gravitational force. 

Uses and benefits:

  • Removes Chlorine: Water purifiers successfully can remove the chlorine from the water and makes the water healthy to drink. 
  • Improves taste: Water free from chlorine and all sorts of chemicals and viruses that otherwise cause foul smell, will not be an issue anymore. 
  • One-Time Investment: Water purifiers save you from spending money to purchase expensive water bottles that may cost you heavy bills. 

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In the busy life of urban cities, people are always on the run. It becomes difficult and near to impossible to manage house chores along with office life. Appliances like dishwashers make things better. 

Functioning of Dishwasher:

  • The water gets collected at the bottom in the basin, which gets heated with the help of heating elements present in the basin. 
  • Later, detergent is added that is pushed up along with hot water through spray arms and shoot put water with enough force to clean the dishes.
  • Dirty water gets drained and again clean water is added and heated to spray on dishes without detergent. And the water gets drained at the end. 
  • Some units come with a dry dish function. With the help of an electrical coil, the air gets heated and with the help of a fan, the machine blows hot air to dry dishes. 

Uses and Benefits:

  • Saves water: You can save more than 3/4th of the total water you spend while washing the dishes manually. 
  • More hygienic: Dishwashers wash dishes with heated water that kills germs and bacteria. Whereas, old sponge or scrubber can spread bacterias that can cause food poisoning. 
  • Cleans more effectively: Dishwashers can efficiently clean the areas that are humanly difficult to reach and clean. It is able to reach all nooks and crannies. 

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Looking at the significance of these kitchen appliances in our daily life routine. It is important we take care of and maintain them, it is important to know first about how these appliances function which we discussed above in the article. If by any chance you find any disturbance in the functioning of any of your kitchen appliances, you can trust RepairAdda kitchen appliance repair service. 

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