If there’s something wrong with your Geyser: Book Geyser repair service from RepairAdda

The winter is coming and with it the need for hot water we want to keep you warm and give you some tips on how to solve your geyser problems. In most cases, geysers that are used on a daily basis will require a service once a year. This will ensure that the hot water is always ready for you on the upcoming cold days. We offer the best geyser repair service in Delhi NCR.

 If the water is not heating up, or if it is taking a long time to do so, you will be willing to call a technician for a geyser repair service. Dirty water or water that is not heating up can be a sign of a problem as well. Rather than ignoring water heater issues or allowing them to persist, scheduling & taking home repair service is a smart, cost-effective choice that will save your monthly utility cost in the future. 

RepairAdda provides effortless Geyser repair service in Delhi and NCR. We have an experienced team of technicians under us which makes them capable of handling all kinds of damages related to the Gyser. They use the latest tools and equipment in order to repair your Gyser.

Knowing the warning signs on your geyser & to get it repaired instead of replacing it could save you money & time in the long run. If you are facing any of these problems, it’s time to take geyser repair service from RepairAdda.

Geyser not working or providing hot water

In this scenario, when you switch on the Geyser you can see the glowing light indicator. The water coming out is cold instead of hot water. There can be a couple of reasons.

a) The water heating element is damaged. Probably it is broken, or too much coercion could be the reason for its damage. 

b) The thermostat is an essential element that helps protect your engine, controlling the flow of coolant, allowing the engine to heat up as quickly as possible. Driving with a failed thermostat can damage your engine.

The geyser is flowing water or the geyser continues to operate

Check the solenoid valve of the geyser. When the valve is loosened, the geyser tends to leak water. Adjusting the valves should fix the problem. Otherwise, it could be caused by excessive pressure build-up. This is a common problem. in multi-story apartments, because the water has a strong pressure from above. To overcome these common problems, many water heaters today are equipped with a pressure relief valve, where the high pressure that the spray tank cannot handle is usually one or two liters of water. 

The geyser continues to overflow

Older models of electric geysers tend to overflow when a thermostat is installed that allows very high temperatures. In newer models, the size of the circuit tanks is designed to avoid any excess leakage after boiling. However, if the valve is loosened, overflow can occur. 


Home maintenance keeps the value of homes high. Whether you have plans to sell your house or live in it for the rest of your life, all homeowners need to fix out home appliances and should take regular home repair services. Minor fixes can help you prevent serious problems in the future. Book Geyser repair service from RepairAdda & get verified technicians at your doorstep.

If you are in Delhi NCR, especially in Noida & Ghaziabad. You can book your Geyser repair service from RepairAdda.com. You can also download the app from playstore. We also backed our customer with 7 days service warranty, so in any case, if anything goes wrong then you don’t have to worry about it. You can simply dial 09210223456 and you can speak to our customer service specialist.

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