How To Paint A House Like a Pro in Just 5 Steps?

How to paint like a pro in just 5 steps ?

The professional painter never gonna tell you about this. But today we are going to tell you “How to paint a house like a pro in just 5 steps ?”. There are some rules which professional follows. You can also follow the same and get a professional finish after painting your walls.

There are some rules which can be followed and get proper finish:

  1. Clean the surface first.
  2. Then sand the surface to make it smooth.
  3. Fill the holes and cracks with putty.
  4. Apply tinted primer on the wall.
  5. Start painting your wall with 2 coats for a proper finish.
In some cases, painting coats will be done differently depending on the surface of the walls or any place you are painting.

Now we are going to tell you the things which you should remember before getting into it.

Plan your Painting in Dry Weather:- In India, people tend to get their house painted near Deepawali. That is the ideal time to get your house painted due to dry weather. Humidity cause drying slow, which means painting time is going to be longer. As you need to wait for more till your coats get dry. So plan accordingly.

Inspect the Walls First:- Walls are like a canvas for kids and old paint is also there. So always sand the wall first, it will remove the excess paint and also smoother the walls. It helps you to get the proper finish and you will also safe from the issues like flaking and peeling paint.

Cover Your Furniture and Other Stuff:- It’s very hard to move all the stuff out of the house. So it’s better to cover all the furniture or the stuff which you cant move out of the house. Otherwise, you will end with paint smudges on your furniture.

Buy Proper Brushes for your walls:- Cheap brushes can do the job for a single-use, But it can’t go longer. Also using cheap brushes won’t get you the proper finish, as you can end up with brush lines on the walls. So always use good quality brushes or you can roller style brushes for better and even finish and the job will be done in a quicker way.

Boxing Your Paint: Instead of using a single paint box at one time, Always combine all the paint in a single bucket and mix it well. This is known as Boxing and it will help you to get consistent color on your walls.

Now you know “How to Paint a House like a pro in just 5 steps ?”. But still, we all know that painting is a tedious task and requires too much involvement. It has too many steps, which I have mentioned above.

If you want to avoid such hassle then you can just book a painting service from The technician will visit your house and gives you a proper quotation. Once you agree on the same, you will get the well-painted house without any hassle.

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