Godrej Electronic Home Safes with Digital Lock

Godrej E-Safe

Every blog or article has only one motive and that is to provide brief knowledge about the experience with the product, service, or its real-life experience, and today, we’ll discuss the Godrej Electronic Home Safes. A name you can trust, a legacy which started in 1897 and brings you the best of the locker technology time to time and Godrej is the first company who took lever lock technology to India.

But today, in this blog we will discuss the products from Godrej Electronic Home Safes. Affordable E-Safes, which can help anyone to keep their jewelry and cash safe from burglary, theft, or any unwanted access.

Before we jump to the product, let’s discuss the few point:
  • What are E-safes?
  • Why should I go for Godrej and no other e-safe?
  • Why should someone need it?
  • Last but not the least, where you can buy it?

Now let’s discuss, what are E-safes?

E-Safe stands for Electronic Safe or you can say a digital safe which only open and lock with the combination of numeric code. Due to this E-safe of Digital safes are more secure than the conventional safe with key lock mechanism.  In case of Godrej, they used motorised bolt action which makes it secure and hard to open. Not only that, Godrej safes comes with hammer protection, so no one can just open it by hammering on its locks.

Personally speaking, having two Almirah at home and a locker in it is not that reliable at all. So I buy one from RepairAdda.

Why Godrej and no other E-safes?

Because it is digital, secure, affordable and great customer support from the godrej. Most important reason is the legacy of the company which has an experience of more than 123 years. Now I will share some features of it.

  • However it’s a digital safe but comes with key, in-case you forgot the password.
  • Auto Freeze functionality, in-case of 4 wrong attempts.
  • Motorised Shooting bolts for extra protection
  • Non-volatile memory which secure your password, if the battery is low or empty
  • Comes with low battery indicator.

So these are some of the features you can rely.

Now why should someone need it?

Generally in high rise society and fully furnished flat you get locker kind of thing. But that was not safe enough like this one. What you get from them is wooden cabinet which can be broken easily but this safe is hammer proof as it’s comes with 0.12cm thick stainless steel body and a single moulded one, which mean that safes has no joint whatsoever on the sides. 

Now you need it, because everyone has some cash, documents and jewellery at home. It will safe all your belonging not from the theft but in-case of fire or any other issues.

Now you are wondering the prices of these E-Safes.

Godrej Esquire Safe Locker
Godrej Taurus Safe Locker

Here we are, and the last question is where you can buy this?

Generally, I suggest you buy from Godrej but if you are in Noida & Greater Noida, you can also visit the RepairAdda website a one-stop-shop for all your home safety, security, and handyman service requirement.

Let me tell you why you choose RepairAdda. If you want to buy this, you have to visit the shop or buy it online and the installation also took another 2 days. But in the case of RepairAdda, you just call on 92102-23456 and got to know about it and get home delivery and installation within 2 hours with no extra cost. You can also visit the site www.repairadda.com or download our app from the play store there you can get the details.

Hope this small article clear some doubt of yours and it helped you to take your own decision. For more details, comment down below and we will get back to you.

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