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A geyser is a home appliance that’s commonly used in every household. It is an essential component that provides hot water for bathing, washing, cleaning etc. In most modern households water heaters are common now. But it becomes a necessity for cold terrains which experience harsh winters. Even a day would seem impossible to survive without a water heater. Imagine a day when you are ready to take a hot water shower in cold biting winter, but all you receive is cold water. It will not be a fun experience to be in. It is important that one maintain their geyser unit and make sure to get it repaired whenever there is a need. 

Before that let’s find out how a geyser works:

Functioning of Geyser:

There are a few different types of geysers available in the market. Tank-type, tankless, hybrid and point-of-use water heaters. But here we will discuss the type that’s most commonly used – a tank-type water heater. A tank-type water heater contains a large insulated tank that holds hot water. 

  • Cold water enters the bottom of the water tank through the dip tube and is heated by a heating element present in an electric heater. 
  • If the geyser is a gas geyser then instead of a heating element, water will be heated through a burner present at the bottom of the tank.  
  • The adjustable thermostat maintains water temperature. It shuts off after it senses the accurate temperature of the warm water.
  • The excessive pressure buildup inside the tank is prevented by the pressure relief valve.
  • The heated water rises up and gets out of the geyser through the heat out pipe to reach the water supply pipe inside the house. 

Common problems and their solutions by RepairAdda

Geyser on one hand has made a hot water bath more accessible and easy. But on the other hand, technology has its own shortcomings which can also be a headache. 

Here are some of the common problems that can be resolved: 

  • Dripping geyser: 

This is the most common issue users face. If you notice quite frequent and regular water dripping from your water heater, then the issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The reasons behind this issue can be a faulty T&P valve, loose bolts, water storage leakage. 

Solutions: The dripping issue can be rectified by replacing the T&P Valve. It is a part attached to Geyer for controlling the water pressure of the valve. Before replacing the valve, it is better to flush the valve properly to make sure that there is no debris that is making any issue. If that doesn’t make any difference then the valve needs to be replaced. 

The second reason can be loose heating element bolts: Tighten them. But if the problem still persists it is necessary to remove the heating element and replace the gasket. 

The third reason can be a leaking water storage tank: The leakage can happen due to rusted or damaged O-rings. Simply their replacement can help. 

All of it tends to be a complex task. Therefore it is recommended to contact RepairAdda to make sure to solve such issues with these kinds of solutions. 

  • Noisy geyser:

Many complaints about the geyser that produces loud weird vibrating or rumbling noise while operating it. This majorly happens due to sediment deposits at the bottom of the water tank. 

Solutions: Minerals present in hard water sometimes coat the bottom of the tank and surface of electrodes and heating elements. If your home receives hard water it prevents your geyser from further sediment buildup by installing a water softener in your water supply. 

For prevention, once a year, try to flush your water heater. Locate the tank drain valve and attach the hose to the drain valve Open the nearest hot water tap and open the drain valve. Allow the water to drain. Close the valve and refill the tank to reuse. 

These are the basic remedies that can be used while repairing this issue. RepairAdda believes in repairing the unit after inspecting the entire issue and then acting accordingly. Contact RepairAdda if you are searching for a repairing expert for such an issue like this. 

  • Water heating issue:

This is another issue most people face in their water heater unit. The most common is that water temperature is not hot enough or it is either too hot or cold. The sole reason comes around the function of the thermostat. Because it is a thermostat that controls the temperature of the water inside the geyser. 

Solution: It is important to check the temperature setting of the thermostat and adjust them to the required temperature. In most geysers, the temperature must be between 45 degrees to 75 degrees celsius. There must be chances that the thermostat temperature can be set too low, high or simply not accurate. 

If the problem doesn’t get rectified then there is an issue with the thermostat. Get it checked by an expert from RepairAdda to get the exact solution for your geyser issue. 

Why RepairAdda:

In general, we prefer home appliances to make our life more convenient and comfortable. But if any of our home appliances fails to perform then what is the point of owning that appliance. It is always recommended to maintain your appliance or get it repaired even if a minute issue gets to your notice. 

Here, in RepairAdda our experts are always ready to help you get your home appliances repaired at your doorstep. From geyser, washing machine, chimney, fridge to inverter, we cover all home appliances. Our services are the most affordable and trusted in the city.  We provide a 7-day warranty assurance. If you again find any issue within the 7 days after receiving our service, we are responsible to get it fixed again. 

You can book our service through a call on 9210223456 

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