Are You Cleaning or Disinfect your Home Daily?

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So my question is to you that, are you cleaning or disinfect your home daily?. Because it is very common these days. But still, it is a very tedious task to do so. In this blog, we will let you know how you can disinfect your home easily with a few simple things.

So the first question is how long does Coronavirus affect the surface?

As per the CDC ( Center for Disease Control & Prevention), this virus can live for a few hours to a few days or different-2 surfaces. But the question remains the same, that do we need to sanitize the surface every time.

As per WHO, YES we need to sanitize the surface before taking any packaged delivered product, But what about vegetables. So here you can do one thing is, just put vegetables in the sink and clean them thoroughly and then, later on, put them in saltwater. Which is working as a homemade disinfectant for vegetables. The best part is that there is no side effect of this.

For other surfaces which is most common and highly touchable like:-

  • Door handles & knobs
  • Kitchen Counters & Sink
  • Bathroom Counters
  • Remote (TV, AC, DTH, and others)
  • Electrical Switches
  • Toilet Seat & Handles

For these types of surfaces, you need to clean it first and then put disinfectant spray on a cotton cloth and wipe the surface.

This will help you to clean and disinfect the surfaces which are used in daily living.

Now, How you keep your house safe from the coronavirus which is coming from outside?

As per some researchers, cleaning and disinfecting home is not enough to prevent yourself from Coronavirus. You need to take some precautionary measure before entering the house and here is the list:-

  • Remove shoes before entering the house.
  • Sanitize your hand before touching doorknobs or handles.
  • Remove your clothes and put them separately and if possible, then put them in bleach water.
  • Sanitize the surfaces of your bag and any product you are carrying.

If you have kids or elder people at home then take extra care and wash your hands, feet, and face before making any contact with them.

With these steps, you are not just helping you, but the others and it will help to stop the spread of SarsCov2.

Hopefully, we can mitigate this threat in a few days, as the vaccine is also in process and soon we will get the same.

Always remember to put on a mask every time you go outside.

Also, carry hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol content in it.

I know, it’s a bit hard to do all things alone. Especially, if we talk about home cleaning and sanitizing, and for that RepairAdda is at your service. You can book a home deep cleaning and Sanitization service with just one phone call at 92102-23456 and you can also book the same at or you can just download our app from the Google play store.

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